Can I Get a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is also known as an order of protection. It is a court order that prevents one person from contacting another person. Restraining orders can be used against anyone who is causing harm or harassing you. Typically, restraining orders are used in divorce cases and in relationships where there is physical violence and/or intimidation but there are many other situations that apply.

Physical Violence

A judge will grant a restraining order if there is recent physical abuse or threatened abuse. A spouse or former partner may not contact you with this restraining order in place. You’ll be granted a temporary order until a court hearing, at which time the judge will decide if the order should be made permanent.

Psychological Abuse

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Psychological abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Many judges will grant a restraining order in cases where there is severe psychological abuse taking place.  Psychological abuse is not limited to just yourself and may apply to the children as well.

Depletion of Assets

If you are getting a divorce and can prove that your spouse is moving or hiding money or other assets in an effort to prevent you from getting your fair share in the divorce, the judge may grant a restraining order that allows a third party to hold the assets and that prevents the spouse from taking any further actions.

Make sure that legal representation fullerton is available to help if you need a restraining order and when it’s time to go to court to make the order permanent. Lawyers will answer your questions and provide comfort at a time when you may be scared, confused, and burdened with emotions. Don’t go through this difficult time alone when an attorney is there to help.