bookmark_borderWhat to Do if Charged With Possession of Marijuana in PA

Despite many states legalizing marijuana over the past few years, Pennsylvania is one state that’s yet to make this advancement. Marijuana is illegal in the state and possessing it could cause you to get arrested and go to jail or prison. Many people now support marijuana use and even partake themselves. But, it is illegal to do so and there may be consequences of that decision. Medical marijuana is available to patients in the state on the bright side of things.

If you are arrested for marijuana possession, you will be given the charge based upon the amount of marijuana on your person or property, the weight, and your intentions with the product. Personal use, sales, and transporting are all criminal charges that may come your way. Possession of marijuana may be a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge. Either charge can land you in jail or prison, with fines, and other headaches you’d probably rather avoid.

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While marijuana is legal for recreational use in states like Colorado and California, Pennsylvania residents must wait just a little bit longer. For now, it is illegal to possess marijuana in any amount if you are without a medical card in the state. Make sure to handle this criminal charge the right way since so much is on the line.