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CAA2010 Proceedings Publication Procedure
The Proceedings will be published in two editions:
  1. Print.  All papers submitted by the deadline will be peer reviewed and the top-rated papers will be published in a printed version of the Proceedings and in the PDF edition. The book will contain black and white illustrations, and an accompanying CD-ROM will include color versions of illustrations. The CAA 2010 editorial staff will copyedit these papers.
  2. PDF. All papers submitted and accepted will be published in a PDF book to be posted to the CAA 2010 web site.  The papers in the PDF book must meet the guidelines of our style sheet and our  requirements for proper English. It will include color illustrations. These papers will not be copyedited by the CAA 2010 editorial staff.

Please note that by submitting your paper for consideration, you implicitly agree to any or all of the above-mentioned forms of publication. This means that, at the discretion of the CAA 2010 editorial board, some papers will appear as PDF only and others as PDF and a print publication.


Editorial Process

Print Edition

1) Authors submit paper and related digital assets (images, videos, databases, GIS, 3D models, etc.) by
the deadline.
2) Peer review of all papers begins. The Editorial Board will decide which papers are appropriate for the  print version of the Proceedings.  Papers that are selected for the print edition will be divided into three categories: accepted as is, accepted with requested revisions; and rejected. Authors will be informed of the board’s decisions.
3) Authors whose papers require revisions will have 30 days to make the required revisions and resubmit
their papers to the Editorial Board. These revisions might include a requirement to correct English grammar and spelling.
4) Next, the editor will verify that all image files have been received and are correctly sized and formatted. The editor will contact authors for clarifications and corrections as necessary.   
5) Authors will be given a proof copy of the print edition, so that they have a final chance to check
their contributions and make any final adjustments before it is sent to the printer.


PDF Edition

6)  The papers selected for only PDF edition will be reviewed by the editorial staff for conformity to
good English and the CAA 2009 style sheet guidelines. Accepted papers will not be copyedited. When poor English style or lack of conformity to the style sheet guidelines so dictates, papers will be rejected outright or (if the problems are relatively minor) returned to authors for revision within 30 days.

7) The PDF edition will be assembled (only PDF + print papers) and published on the CAA 2010 web site.