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Posters at CAA2010
  • Preliminary Results of the Geophysical Survey at the Basilica of Es Cap des Port, Menorca, Spain
    Patricia Murrieta Flores, David Wheatley, Kristian Strutt, Catalina Mas Florit, Miguel Angel Cau Ontiveros
  • Case study of an intra-site GIS single context recording system (Karfi, Crete)
    Ricardo Fernandes, Steven Soetens
  • Recognition of Faded-Out Characters Using Local Features
    Markus Diem, Robert Sablatnig
  • Classification of Cylinder Seals Scenes by the Means of Self-Organizing Maps and Automatic Representation of the Resulting Codebooks
    Alessandro Di Ludovico, Giovanni Pieri
  • Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund: Data Integration and Dissemination
    Tim Nicholas Evans
  • Roman settlement dynamics in south-western Latium - A GIS based Approach to Regional Settlement Dynamics in Republican and Imperial Times
    Michael Teichmann
  • Documentation of ancient tombs in Tilliria area (Cyprus) using Geographical Information Systems
    V. Lysandrou, A. Agapiou
  • Determining a detailed course of the ancient aquaeducts serving Pompeii (Italy) using a model of the pre-AD 79 paleo-topography
    Sebastian Vogel, Michael Märker, Florian Seiler
  • The CSNE (Canal Seine-Nord Europe) Project
    Aurélien Bolo, Caroline Font, Alexia Fontaine, Guillaume Hulin, Sylvain Mazet, Sylvain Rassat
  • Topography change from the Middle Ages to the present in Ingelheim Palatium. GIS - based reconstruction of terrain and archaeological objects
    Matylda Gierszewska
  • Aggregation units to examine field survey data. First Approach.
    Jesús García Sánchez
  • Reconstruction and Analysis of the Right Hand of “Bronzo A di Riace”
    Maurizio Muzzupappa, Fabio Bruno, Alessanfro Gallo, Rosa Maria Mattano', Maria Laura Luchi, Andrea Poggialini
  • The Kouklia-Palaepaphos Digital Archive and Database Management System
    Andreas S. Andreou, Maria Iacovou, Efi Papatheocharous and Constantinos Stylianou
  • Topographic and Spatial Referencing of Magnetic Data at Radovanu, Gorgana a Doua, Southern Romania
    Christine Joy Markussen, Alexandru Morintz, David Monsees
  • The problem of quantification in archaeobotanical studies
    Barbara Lapi
  • Analysis on the measured drawings of the archaeological site
    Susumu Morimoto
  • Archaeological Predictive Modelling in Slovakia
  • J. Chalachanova Faixova, T. Lieskovsky, J. Papco, E. Blazova, M. Bartik
  • Reconstructing the surface of an archaeological site using Digital Photogrametry: The Cerro de la Mesa settlement (Alcolea de Tajo, Toledo)
    Cristina Charro Lobato, Teresa Chapa Brunet, Juan Pereira Sieso
  • Strategic use of remote sensing and GIS in AIA for preservation of cultural heritage and archaeological landscapes.
    Arianna Traviglia, Davide Busato, Paola Sfameni , Raffaella Massi
  • New technical achievement for 3 dimensional scanners- digitization of the East Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia
    Végvári Zsófia, Patay-Horváth András
  • Use of small autonomous robotic helicopter for LiDAR survey of Roman Town of Ammaia (Portugal)
    Dimitrij Mlekuz, Carlos J Silvestre, Frank Vermeulen
  • Use of field spectroscopy to support the detection from high-resolution satellite imagery of archaeological remains buried under vegetated and non vegetated areas in Cyprus.
    Athos Agapiou, Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
  • Geometric Documentation of churches in Cyprus using a 3D-terrestrial laser scanner: new perspectives and future trends for archaeologists and engineers
    Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis, Athos Agapiou, K. Themistocleous
  • Study, through a 3D image, about the funerary structures on the Bell Beaker site of Camino de las Yeseras (Madrid)
    Patricia Rios, Raquel Aliaga, Ana Escobar
  • Integration of Heritage Elements in Spatial Databases
    Julio Zancajo, Teresa Mostaza
  • Application of the New Techniques of Metric Documentation at Spatial Modeling of Archaeological Deposits
    Teresa Mostaza, Julio Zancajo, Juan Gregorio Rejas
  • GIS and Cultural Heritage: the Madrid case.
    Jesús Bermúdez Sánchez; Nicolás Benet; Pilar Herraiz Sigüenza y Rafael Sousa Garrido
  • The integration of predictive models in the management of archaeological resources at Madrid.
    Jesús Bermúdez Sánchez
  • Medieval earth fortifications from the Romanian N-E Banat in the context of interdisciplinary analysis
    D. Micle, L. Măruia, Zsuzsana Kopeczny , Adrian Cîntar , S. Simionescu, L. Vidra, O. Borlea, C. Floca
  • Laser data processing to support restores in cultural heritage preservation: the SS. Salvatore in Vallerano, Viterbo Italy, test case
    Darryl Okey