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Alhambra Tour

in cooperation with:

Patronato Alhambra

On Wednesday, 7th April, we will share a cocktail dinner in the Carmen de los Mártires, a romantic palace and gardens in the Alhambra hill. We will reach the Carmen after a walk through the impressif Alhambra forest . At 22.00h, after the cocktail, we will have a nightly visit of the Nashrid Palaces in the Alhambra.

The meeting point for this event is at Conference Hall at 19.00h

The Alhambra

Carmen de los Mártires is a 19th century house and ornamental grounds just to the right of the Alhambra palace. There are some interesting views of the Alhambra from the other side oand great views of the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada. The gardens contain a number of statues, grottoes, and an ornamental duck pond with its bridge and tower-like ruins. This is a great place to go for a stroll around, to eat your sandwiches, or even to feed the ducks and the black swan; if you are lucky, you might even see some of the peacocks and peahens that live in gardens.

Carmen de los Martires

Price per person: 60€ (up to 31/01/2010, +10€ after)
Limited to 250 pax.

Price includes: visit ticket, one guide per 30 people and dinner