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Granada Tour

On Thursday, 8th April a guided tour through Granada city centre will be offered to attendees.

We will start at the Town Hall and we will walk to the Royal Chapel:

First of all, we ordain that in the Cathedral Church in the city of Granada a worthy Chapel shall be built, where, when it pleases Our Lord to call us, our bodies shall be placed. This chapel shall be called the Royal Chapel and shall be dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist.

( Royal Warrant of the Catholic Kings )



Sin_ttulo-2After the guided visit, where all secrets will be developed to us, we will enter directly into the Cathedral, the first Renaissance church in Spain, as the construction of the church occurred at a time when Renaissance designs were supplanting the Gothic regnant in Spanish architecture of prior centuries. Foundations for the church were laid by the architect Egas starting from 1518 to 1523 atop the site of the city's main mosque. Again, expert guides will explain us the quality of the treasures that the temple hosts.


Finally, at 21:00 we will visit and enjoy a dinner in the Royal Hospital (built in 1504), that was commisioned by the Catholic Monarchs as hospital for the poors, pilgrims and people injured after the conquer of Granada. Currently it is the Rectory of the University, the official office of the Rector and his management team.



Price per person: 40€ (up to 31/01/2010, +10€ after)
Limited to 250 pax.

Price includes: visits tickets, one guide per 30 people and dinner